Bergamot Essential Oil 100% Pure
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 Bergamot Essential Oill

• Scientific Name: Citrus Bergamia
• Oil Origin: Fruit Peel
• Extraction: Steam Distallation
• Aroma: Sweet, Citrus
• Odor Strength: Middle
• Evaporation: Middle Note

About Bergamot Essential Oil:
Bergamot is grown almost exclusively in Italy. It is a citrus fruit similar to orange but not edible, omitting a delightful fruity and floral scent. Bergamot is a central ingredient to many perfumes and colognes and also gives Earl Grey tea its unique taste. As a traditional Italian remedy the oil was used to combat fever and infection.

Blends Well With:
Basil, citrus oils, geranium, lavender, rose, ylang ylang

Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-spasmodic, carminative, deodorant, sedative


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